YoWhatsApp Apr 2023 Latest APK Download (Anti-Ban)

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Download 2023 New YO WhatsApp APK Latest Updated Version

When you look at the most popular messaging apps across the world, WhatsApp is almost always at the top of the list. However it lacks many useful features and users still encounter some  limitations . If you  want to break free from all these restrictions, then it’s time to know about its counterpart. Simply put, latest YOWhatsApp apk is a more complete updated version of the app with useful features that would beat any other instant messaging app out there! 

YoWhatsApp Cover English 1

What is Latest Updated YOWhatsApp APK Version?

Built on the original source of WhatsApp, YOWhatsApp  (YOWA), in many ways, is a better version of the messaging app we all use and love. It looks and feels almost the same, but has some added features that make life simpler. Like WhatsApp, YOWhatsApp is free and can be downloaded in a heartbeat.

YOWA apk has all the features of a popular messaging app, but has an upgraded version. YoWhatsApp adds many features to your chat experience and completely satisfies the user in every admirable activity. It is integrated with more functional and classic features. That’s the main reason YoWa is beating other WhatsApp MODs easily.

YOWhatsApp apk is shared by hundreds of websites on their blog after it launched. But, most of them haven’t updated their article since then. Many people who download the old versions have encountered bugs, app crashing issues and poor performance of YOWhatsApp. So, we decided to provide you with the latest version of YOWhatsapp which is free from bugs, glitches and performance issues. You will get YOWhatsApp from our totally safe and secure website without any malware or adware. 

Before you download YOWhatsApp, don’t you want to go through all the new features?

Why Latest Updated YOWhatsApp APK Version and not Official WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has always been with us for a long time, its simplicity, reliability and instant messaging service make it a perfect social media app. We use WhatsApp every day, and we can’t just live with it. Whether it’s texting, sending pictures or even videos, WhatsApp doesn’t sweat and gives us the best it can give.

WhatsApp developers kept adding new features to WhatsApp, but they couldn’t provide users with some of the most important features with respect to privacy and security. Things like hide last seen, customized themes, changing font styles, app locking, chat locks, privacy mods, anti-ban and many more! 

In this article we’re going to discuss these YOWhatsApp updated latest features, in short, so let’s get started!

YOWhatsApp Updated Latest Version Features

Below we have given some important features that will help you to use WhatsApp like a Pro:


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YOThemes is one of the major features that everyone should love. YOThemes feature allows you to select a cool theme for your WhatsApp. After installing YOWa on your device, you can see a specific option called YOThemes. It helps to change the theme anytime.

Menu >> YOThemes >> Download

Emoji Variant

It is the option which is available under the Customizations. Here you will find the Emoji styles from various Companies. So, you can be easily able to select the option which you prefer most.

Emoji Logo Background PNG Image
  • Stock
  • Facebook
  • Emoji one v3
  • Android O
  • Old Stock Emoji Design

Menu >> Setting >> Emoji Variant

Dual Account

Dual Account is one of the best features which you can get from YOWhatsApp. Generally, you can use this YOWhatsApp APK along with the PlayStore version or Other WhatsApp mod which has another package name. You can even run three accounts by using various APKS.

If you have some secrets or want you to chat with essential contacts or whatever the reason is. YOWa is the right option, Better control over the work or chats.


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With the help of this mod application, you can give the desired look to your Whatsapp just like a developer! Yes, because you can change the UI of the YOWhatsapp app itself. And not only this, you get a collection of amazing Themes in YOWhatsapp, you can apply whichever theme you want.

Now, you can easily customize these options in YOWhatsApp.

  • Status bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Universal action bar
  • Universal color can change.

Insanely cool. Right?


Privacy is the first priority nowadays. YOWhatsApp comes with better privacy control which you cannot do with any other application.

  • Freeze Last Seen – If you do not want to show your WhatsApp online, you can Freeze your Last Seen with a single click. No matter even if you are using WhatsApp, once this feature is enabled, it will not show you online anymore. 
  • Anti Delete Messages –  If you enable this feature ,other people cannot delete or retract the messages that they have sent to you
  • Who can call me? – You can select particular contacts or categories to call you.

Hide View Status – You will be able to hide your view on someone’s status and help you to watch someone’s status secretly.

Including the above options, there are some basic privacy options also available in this YOWa app as like the other modified ones.

  • Show blue ticks after you reply
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide Typing
  • Hide recording

You can choose some above mentioned basic privacy options for Contacts, groups and Broadcasts. Based on your needs.

YoWhatsApp Features English 1

Other YOWhatsApp Updated Latest Version Features

  • Send Full Resolution Images  – You can send up to 18 MB of images without losing the Quality.
  • Disable Image Share limit – Send Images as you can irrespective of the count.
  • Video Size Limit – Send videos up to 700 MB
  • Hide Media from Gallery – YOWhatsapp helps you to store private images or videos.
  • Password – Set lock with Pattern?PIN/Fingerprint. You can even add a Recovery Question to it. Isn’t it cool?
  • Airplane Mode (DND Mode) – Do Not Disturb mode allows us to get some peace. Once you allow this, you won’t get any new messages from your contacts.
  • Setting UI – Major design changes happened in the Settings user interface. It looks great now.
  • Forward limit – Increased forward limit to 250. So, you can send forward messages 250 times instead of 5. (Universal >> Setting >> Forward limit)
  • Story/status time – Now, you can set a 5 minutes video to story/status.
  • Delete message – Increased delete message time 100 days.

Again, List Goes on…

Interesting, right? This list makes the final decision of most people to install latest updated YOWhatsApp for Android. Maybe you are not aware of these features before reading it. But now you have solved all of your confusion related to this mod application. So, what are you waiting for? Download YOWhatsApp NOW!!!

How to Download Latest Updated YOWhatsApp APK on Android? “Step by Step Guide”

1.Make sure you have downloaded the YOWhatsApp Apk file from the link below. 

2. Search for the downloaded APK file, you will get it in the download folder.

3. Click on that APK file and then tap on the “Install” button.

rqbxA4PL4 HH4L4S8i8ogqGv4J680WbHmj1QeKxA9Vlt3b 74s3PTF8iMSsiTWPO1DIJXqM2uwe ZoLIHen1vLneV OHZb620hcT0OT0xedAfySB9QIKqALBMXsUMfIcRx DGNV

4. The installation process will get started, wait for a while.

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5. After successful installation, click on the “Open” button,  then enter your phone number which you want to use in YOWA and click on the NEXT button.

P KAII3BKL0bJK8 5py1zLgjaEVgNIKtDDT22uvXWMjQSn30 TgNA0u 31nC0h3FKsajhqG8b rU5

6. They will send you a verification code to your phone number, enter the Six Digits one-time password received on your entered mobile number and it will verify automatically.

rco huJdNiRcAVEVZ02NjDpy5sVhBYRjog61ceJ9q7U48yOpiV5on468SVQrvjV77MWSjRmJgHS 5KRgA6qPvrJ1EQYHFHyclKK3KL5gU2s2QSQkUAbDjULsUoOn6miVCys TQna

7. If you have Backed Up your old WhatsApp then it will automatically ask you to restore it, simply click on Restore if you want. This option will only appear when you have any Backup.

8. Setup your Display Picture and Name and proceed.

PN48RtbflMQzWryzefaScz8jXfGaMEkbiX I4vvlE72iLvxCvqHVE0u Lk4UPlL Jh Fauo2KTlha1QXPIjc0vzlpfpyWpeqJDMvaUwJUQy9FbmChdBCuRWhEJ25LGoyL PqNr

9. Finally, your YOWhatsApp is ready to use. Enjoy it!!

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